Ciramar Shipyards

Ciramar ShipyardsCiramar Shipyards is located in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean Region. It specializes in repairs / conversions of all kinds of vessels / new construction. With a professional and highly skilled staff of more than 420 employees, Ciramar Shipyards can undertake routine dry dockings, as well as specialized machine repairs. For more than 20 years, the key components of Ciramar Shipyards were quality service and prompt time of delivery. With the most competitive rates in the area, Ciramar Shipyards is the best choice for your ships' repairs and maintenance. The floating dock of the Ciramar Shipyard has the following main characteristics: 150 x 24 m (inside) and 7 m draft above keel blocks, located at Southern part of the island about 80 klm from the capital Santo Domingo. The Shipyard can undertake repairs alongside at the ports of Santo Domingo, Rio Haina, Puerto Plata, San Pedro de Marcoris, offering services for Steel, Pipe, Blasting, Painting, Tank Cleaning, Electrical, Electronic and Machinery works, repairs. Underwater cleaning works and in water surveys by divers equipped with CCTV are also available. A very important association is the agreement signed by Anabalca (Astilleros Navales Bahia de las Calderas), with Damen Shipyards, one of the world's largest ship constructing firms, for the purpose of starting the long overdue project of ship-building in the Dominican Republic. This association was performed for the purpose of constructing 6 vessels, started on February 2003 (2 tugs and 4 patrol boats) for the Dominican Navy. Both companies have decided to perform a joint venture for the construction of a large variety of marine vessels for the international market. Damen Shipyards was formed in 1927 in the Netherlands. In 1969 the concept of construction of tugs, workboats and other commercial craft to standardized designs and according to "modular building principles" was introduced. This modular design and building concept brought international recognition and hastened the Group's development to its present position. This joint venture will benefit both parties, as Ciramar will enter into a larger market, carrying the ability to effectively compete in it, and Damen will have a facility in the Caribbean. This will allow Damen's technology to be accessible for markets such as United States and Mexico. The Dominican Republic has several advantages that make Ciramar an ideal destination for customers throughout the world, including their geographic location, which is less than 800 miles from Panama, excellent weather conditions averaging only few days of rain per year.


No.1  Floating 61 14 4.5   960
No.2 Floating 155 25 7 7500 - 2 x 10
No.3 Floating 155 15.2 4.3 300 -