PAPADAKIS SHIPYARDS BROKERS & CO S.A.(PSB & CO S.A.) has been established in the Greek Market as one of the most efficient and capable organization which provides integrated technical services to the Shipping Industry.

Papadakis Shipyards Brokers was established in 2005 by Mr. GREGORY PAPADAKIS, who is in the Shipping Business acting as Ship Yards Representative in the Shipping Business since 1988.



Throughout the years we have known who is who, so we have chosen to represent and work ONLY WITH THE BEST  Yards and Manufacturers. Our volume of business enables us to DEMAND and GET from our Principals the best SERVICES-PRICES-TERMS & CONDITIONS for our customers.

We Dry Dock and Repair every year more than 50 vessels. We supply spare parts and deck equipment to more than 60 Ship Owners / Managers with an aggregate of 450 vessels. We provide repair teams with Greek / Romanian / Polish / Ukranian Engineers - Specialists / Steel and Pipe Fitters.

Placing your Dry Docks and Repairs with us, you will receive the best terms and conditions from the Yards that we OFFICIALLY REPRESENT, making sure that your vessel will finish on time and with best quality of works. For our Spare Parts section, we are proud to say that we can achieve the best prices for you, as well as, most favorable payment terms -always giving you 3 options to choose from ( Genuine Maker / Licensee Sub-contractor / OEM Maker / Replacement parts from reliable Makers). For our Repair Teams the reference list that we can provide for you upon request, is self evidence of their abilities and skills.

Thanks to the hard work of our faithful personnel, who are with us for so many years, and to our associate companies we have managed through the years to keep all our customers satisfied and also to add more companies to our customer's list every year.




Ship Repairs

Papadakis Shipyards Brokers & CO S.A. can undertake all kind of repairs - engineering Steel and Pipe works , on VOYAGE, ANCHORAGE, ALONG SIDE with Riding Squats or with Local Companies.


Papadakis Shipyards Brokers & CO S.A. can undertake your New Buildings and Off-Shore Projects by providing you New Buildings and Resale opportunities, Ship Yard assesment, Plan Approval.

Spare Parts


Papadakis Shipyards Brokers & CO S.A. as spare part brokers, is serving at present time more than 60 companies ( Ship Owners / Managers / Traders) with an aggregate of more than 400 vessels.


Papadakis Shipyards Brokers has been appointed by Sponge Jet (USA) as the Exclusive Representative / Distributor for Greece , Cyprus and all Balkan Countries.